Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Learning Curve

Ugh...why don't they offer classes in this stuff? And why aren't they free? And why aren't I smart enough to understand everything already?

So, there has been some confusion. I'm making a Print On Demand version of No Security. I AM NOT CHARGING TWENTY DOLLARS FOR A PDF OF ALREADY RELEASED MATERIAL.

When uploading materials to DTRPG, it is typical to package a PDF download free with print versions. I plan on carrying on this tradition. But, while print files have to undergo rigorous review to meet print standards of the press, PDFs just get uploaded. And, if you're an idiot like old Caleb here and don't deselect the default options, they get automatically put up online for the print price of the book and sent out to reviewers, despite the fact that the book is not ready for print.

As a marketing idea, it would be utterly, unforgivably stupid had my intention been to sell five scenarios electronically that are still available for free...electronically. But that's what it looked like for a few people who don't follow this blog or the Kickstarter updates. Thanks to some polite questions and one particularly nasty review, I've caught the error. I apologize for my really stupid, hopefully forgivable mistake. The PDF version should be offline now, and for those two people that politely bought the twenty dollar PDF copy anyway, I'm comping you print copies at my expense.

I want to be clear that Hebanon Games has always adhered to a very transparent, try-before-you-buy philosophy. The five scenarios included in the book will remain PWYW electronically. What happened here is that an employee in my one-man staff (namely: me) made a clerical error, and I wanted to be clear on how it happened.

If this negatively informs your decision to buy the book, that's on me, but I hope you'll read this and understand that a new publication line has some kinks to work out and that, as snafus go, this one is relatively minor and doesn't actually affect the quality of the printed book.

Alright, mea culpa complete. I'll let everyone know when the print versions are actually ready to go.

For my next post, I'm going to lay the funding of the No Security project bare from front to back. Hopefully, the next crew to come along can learn from what we've gone through in the last year :-)

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  1. I was wondering what that was.

    But anyway, the POD version... Is it ready yet? Is it ready yet? ;)