Here are the PDF and print releases Hebanon Games has produced thus far. All can be found on DTRPG and associated sites. Each individual scenario was ransomed, meaning that they are free, but there is Pay What You Want option that we encourage you to utilize if you'd like to show your appreciation. The first option is the print collection of all five core scenarios, available in full-color for $20.00. The final scenario, Lover in the Ice, was a bonus for Kickstarter backers. It's available for $1.99.

No Security: Horror Scenarios in the Great Depression

The crops fail. Then the banks fall, crushing every honest man on the ledgers beneath their rubble. The fertile lands turn to dust, the modern marvels into slums. Spirits are the last to go, but in the end they break like everything else.

The American dream becomes a curse. Hope – a memory. Some whisper about revolution. Others talk of Armageddon.

But for the unluckiest few, they are coming, drawn from other realities to feast off the misery. And those poor souls will learn the true meaning of “Great Depression.”

No Security presents five original tales of terror compatible with multiple pen-and-paper RPG systems.  The various settings within 1930’s America – ranging from the ravaged farmlands of rural Georgia to the icy peak of Mount McKinely – put players in desperate situations from the very start. The cast of original, Lovecraftian creatures frees experienced gamers from the complacency brought on by years spent memorizing the monstrosities of their favorite system. Bring the “horror” back to gaming and your players to the edge of their seats.

The real hard times approach. Do you have what it takes to survive?

Bryson Springs

June of 1935, the Dust Bowl still plagued the American Southwest, a third of all people were out of work, and the government’s path to recovery was far from certain. Amidst this Great Depression, the Bryson Springs Ranch suffered a hardship altogether more extraordinary. People were dying in the migrant workers’ shantytown, dying in horrific, mind-boggling ways. Players take the roles of strangers, cast about by the hard times and drawn into the nightmare that is Bryson Springs. They must band together to confront the things which stalk the desert night, hunting the downtrodden for their dark and blasphemous god.

The Fall Without End

The Fall Without End takes place at Mount McKinley in 1931. As America comes to grips with the real cost of Black Tuesday, the government becomes desperate to find distractions for an increasingly rebellious population stirred by endless woes. As Lindbergh proved, the people love nothing more than heroes capable of great deeds, and the government is willing to buy itself some at any price. Players take the roles of the brave explorers risking their lives for a photo op at the summit. But the mountain is far older than any human civilization and home to terrors far worse than any economic recession. As players struggle up the infamous Wickersham Wall, will they be able to survive the combined onslaught of the elements, gravity, and vertiginous horrors from another reality?

The Red Tower

In The Red Tower, Capone’s reign has ended, and it remains to be seen how much of Chicago’s corrupt infrastructure will be dragged down with him. As two-bit criminals scramble to establish themselves in the power vacuum, the exposed corruption presents an opportunity for muckraking socialists to provoke the downtrodden into revolution. Meanwhile, the government must intervene to stop the Commies and audit the more legitimate business holdings listed in Capone’s infamous ledger. Despite their cross purposes, each faction finds itself stymied by an unknown forces. The mobsters are missing a Capo who was never swept up in the raids. A socialist reporter has never returned from his undercover assignment. And the government has to contend with a huge factory which, according to records, shouldn’t exist. Can a group of characters seperated by politics, ideology, and class cooperate long enough to surivive a terror antithetical to life itself?


The police in Toil, Illinois have their work cut out for them when the sleepy town suddenly suffers an outbreak of bizarre events. Someone's been planting strange trees in the night, replacing bread with ash, and filling coffins with bees. As the day goes on, what at first appeared to be a series of unrelated pranks escalates into the biblical end of days. The deputies must try to surivive and keep order in a town doomed by prophecy. Can they find the cause of the terror, or is it the inexplicable will of God? What's more dangerous: a loss of faith, or its total realization?

The Wives of March

Barefoot Crossing seemed like any other sharecropping community on the rural outskirts of Savannah, Georgia. But when the murder of a Methodist preacher sends the community searching for answers across racial and economic divides, investigators stumble into an ancient, inhuman conspiracy. Can they overcome a supernatural evil masquerading as the banal atrocities so commonly perpetrated by mankind, or will "human nature" again dismiss the creeping apocolypse that secretely breeds among us?

Lover in the Ice

This systemless horror scenario originally appeared as a reward for backers of the No Security kickstarter. Set in Lafontaine, MO after an apocolyptic ice storm cripples the city, players take on the roles of first responders to the crisis. But what happens when those trained to respond to danger are confronted with a terror beyond imagining? What is preying on the citizens of Lafontaine besides the weather? Will the PCs be able to overcome the threat with decisive action, or will they doom everyone in their panic?

Readers are warned that Lover in the Ice emphasizes body horror and, as such, is intended exclusively for mature audiences.

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