Sunday, November 24, 2013

POD No Security Nearly Ready!

I apologize for my extended absence on the blog. Part of the delay is born out of fear: after the last website fiasco I can't write for the web without having nightmares about it all disappearing overnight. The other obstacle is real life. I remain amongst the ranks of the f-unemployed, and while I'm certainly in better financial shape than most, I've had to take some time off important RPG writing work for the temporary, keep-the-heat-on type work.

The last thing that sees this blog post coming so late is the sheer, cussed complexity of adapting a piece for print. But I have good news on that front! I've sent off all the necessary files to DTRPG for review, and I'm going to try an adapt things for a B+W CreateSpace version today (I know they're the better option for most international customers). The book is done! All we have to do is make sure we're meeting all the guidelines, review some proof copies, and the book will be ready to go. My hope is that we'll have it available for order in a couple of weeks. If there are delays, I'll let everyone know.

Here's what you can expect from the book:

  • All five of the 1930's scenarios
  • Color interior on the DTRPG version
  • Additional art by Christopher Cirillo
  • The cover by Ean Moody pictured above; I'm teasing the creepiness on the back for paying customers :-)
  • A foreword by Ross Payton
  • An introduction by yours truly
  • 148 pages of horrific goodness
  • A $20.00 price tag
I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on how the approval process is going with the POD houses. Thanks to everyone that helped get the funds to make this dream possible through the Kickstarter and the PWYW downloads on DTRPG. Without that little push, we couldn't have afforded to get this out there.

Here's hoping you can give a copy of No Security to someone for Christmas and confuse the majority of your relatives!

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  1. Found this by following a trail of crumbs from one of my +buddies. Looks fab, good luck in overcoming all obstacles to getting it published.