Monday, May 23, 2016

Red Markets Kickstarter is up!

The day has come. Let's see if all this hard work has been worth it. The Red Markets Kickstarter is now up.

If you're here to see what the game is all about, you can find my developer diaries below. Thanks for the support!


  1. So how does it feel to have funded in a matter of hours and still be on the way up with no end in sight?

  2. This may sound silly, but in the world of red market why on earth was Canada nuked? It just seems too unrealistic that the united states whould destroy perfectly fine land that they could annex. Is their any remains of the Canadian government in Nunavut or British Columbia?

  3. Check out the interview with Caleb on Blood Red Moon (check the subreddit for red markets, there's a link). The in setting reasoning makes sense, especially in a panicky insane environment. Caleb elaborates a bit on nuking Canada in the interview.

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  7. Any chance of getting a preorder or something on backerkit for those of us who missed out on the kickstarter?

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