Sunday, January 24, 2016

RM Update #2

I've kept a blogging promise exactly one time! Yay!

It was a productive week on the Red Markets front. I wrote a contract for freelance work (not exactly poetry, but necessary), and I gave notes on another piece of incoming art. I finished the gear list that I was working on in time for the start of the new playtest campaign. We stated up a nifty little enclave on Thursday night and made characters. The concepts are all a little "fraggle-rock" right now, but that's how every campaign starts out with the RPPR crew.

I didn't get a chance to revise the entire Materialism chapter like I'd hoped, but other parts of the book got done. I added the rules for enclave creation into the core book by adapting and expanding on the previous "Campaign Playtest Addendum" writing. I also finished the MBA Rules.

MBA Rules will probably be stretch goals, as they are not essential to the core gameplay of Red Markets. Basically, it's the advanced, optional stuff for players that really want to get into the nitty-gritty of the economics rules. Thus far, the chapter contains rules for running a small business, investing (basically playing the stock market in the zombie apocalypse), working a double (two jobs at once), pro bono (doing jobs for free) and loans.  I had rules for everything drafted up except loans. It was bothering me that the section was incomplete, so I finished off MBA instead of diving into the Materialism revisions. That's the haphazard method by which drafts get finished. At least for me.

For this week, Materialism revisions will likely have to wait a little longer. I need to get a chapter laid out and a template established before I can price how much the book will cost per page. I feel silly paying someone to do that with Lorem Ipsum when I could get post-Beta revisions entered into a chapter and have the graphic designer use that instead. The gear chapter is a bad choice for the job (too many stat blocks to be a representative sample, for readers or for my accounting needs). That means I'll have to fast-track another chapter for revision so I have something to give the graphic designers.

Right now, I'm thinking Combat. After the chapter detailing the Profit System, it's the one that's changed the least as a result of playtest feedback. The Profit System explanation is probably too short to constitute the 20-page sample chapter I want done before the KS, so it looks like Combat it is.

We'll see if I can get it done with school starting back up after a week of snow days. It'll be tight. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck Caleb, can't wait to back the Kickstarter.

  2. Man, I din't know you guys had gotten that much snow down there. Combat sounds like a good choice for a sample chapter. Keep up the good work! The hype train is still chuggin' along.