Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kickstarter: No Soul Left Behind

If Hebanon Games has been quiet for awhile, it's because I've been on an employment rollercoaster for the last six months. I've got a new teaching contract for this upcoming year, so after some initial adjustment time, things should be returning to the same production schedule that got No Security out the door. Maybe next up will be Red Markets, or maybe I'll pick another freelancing job at GenCon, but I should be financially stable enough to begin creating with some regularity soon.

I'm eternally grateful to the RPG companies that shoved some work my way during these rough times. Posthuman, as always, is great to work with. The main brunt of my writing force has gone behind a project for Arc Dream called No Soul Left Behind.

NSLB is the first campaign and sourcebook for Greg Stolze's Better Angels. The system setting is a world where supervillains get their power from being possessed by demons. In order to appease the little bastards, players have to perpetrate acts of evil. Go TOO evil, and your soul gets dragged to hell. But if you do acts of meaningless, hollow villainy -- like carving your name in the moon or ransoming a monument -- you keep the demon in check and get to enjoy your superpowers a bit longer by wallowing in the moral grey area.

No Soul Left Behind takes this premise and moves it into an inner-city charter high school. Not only do the players have to figure out the mystery of their powers, they have to appease their hellspawn while trying to keep their struggling community alive. It's my 200+ page magnum opus on educational policy reform, moral conundrums, and absurd social satire.

You can listen to AP's of the whole campaign over at my ever-loyal partner RPPR. The book is crowd-funding on Kickstarter currently, and I'd really appreciate any support the fans of Hebanon could provide. In addition to, you know, helping the thing actually exist and enabling me to get paid, I think the book is easily the best thing I've ever written. It's a campaign quite unlike any other and works with a great game system everyone should try. I'd really love to see it get out into the world and find an audience, so any help y'all could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time. Expect my report from GenCon soon!

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